Wednesday 17 October 2012

New Balance MT1010 Coming to the UK

The New Balance MT1010 is a shoe that seems to fill a niche that is not adequately filled by other running shoes: it is relatively light (224g for US 9) and provides adequate protection for rougher trails.The protection comes from a rock plate that runs from the front of the shoe to the midfoot.

The rock plate will prevent rocks, tree roots etc from impacting on the sole of the foot. The MT1010 also provides a little cushioning which is likely to make it ideal for longer trail runs. 

I decided to contact New Balance UK today to find out if they had any plans to release the shoes here (they have been available in the US since July 2012). I have always been impressed by the level of customer service from New Balance and this query was no different. Half an hour later I received the reply I was looking for:
The 1010 minimus will be released next season in the UK and will be available in green/yellow. The estimated arrival will be end of January in stores and will be available from Sweatshop.”
So great news I can’t wait for the shoe to be released on this side of the pond. Generally I am a big fan of the New Balance minimus range being the owner of the New Balance 730 (US version), New Balance MR00 (road) and New Balance MT00(trail). I am sure the MT1010 will live upto the high standards these shoes have set.

Below is the official MT1010 promotional film just to get our British(and others countries  in the world where the MT1010 has not been released) juices flowing!