About Me

When I was in my late twenties I realised that my lifestyle was not what you might call healthy! To put it mildly I got stuck in a rut – eating too much of the wrong things, coming home from work and slumping on the couch and watching TV all night. 

Consequently I put on weight and had very little energy. Then something changed - in my earlier life I had always enjoyed participating in sport and realised that it might be a good time to start again. I joined a local gym initially going just once a week. I enjoyed it and after a few months I went five times a week.  After a year or so I decided to take up mountain biking – being enthused after watching it at the commonwealth games.

I then moved to Manchester where mountain biking trails are limited so decided to take up running. A ran for a year or so mainly just a few miles to the gym and back. I moved to the North east of England seven years ago and decided not to bother to join a gym as I enjoyed running so much.  I completed my first competitive race, the Great North Run in 2006 and loved it. 

Since then I have run five marathons and six half marathons and although at times it is very hard (doing a twenty mile training run is never easy) running has changed my life making me fit, putting me in a better mood and giving me loads more energy than my pre running days.

I would consider myself an average level runner - better than some but not better than others! During my running career I have gone from 0 miles a year to around 1800 miles for 2011 (according to my Garmin GPS watch).